Institution building

Institutional capacity building of sister organisations

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Based on our extensive knowledge of the Danish networks and the needs of SMEs, we offer assistance in the development of new SME organisations as well as capacity building of existing SME organisations in developing countries.


Historically, a unique feature of the Danish business system has been its highly developed network of trade organisations and support services.

The Danish Federation of SMEs believes that there is need for stronger organisational structures for SMEs in the global economy. We work with capacity building of SME organisations in developing countries as a way to strengthen sister organisations and at the same time create valuable networks for internationalisation of Danish SMEs.

Our work with enhancing better business environments in developing countries gives better opportunities for cross-border cooperation. 


Chief Consultant
Tine Bork
tel. +45 32 63 03 39
mobile +45 21 45 48 02
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Head of International Department
Jens Kvorning
tel. +45 32 63 03 17
mobile +45 30 59 06 86
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Institution building