Multistakeholder projects

Multistakeholder projects

During the last 15 years, SMEdenmark has headed several two-three year multistakeholder projects for CSR capacity building and implementation throughout global supply chains. 

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Our projects typically involve up to 20 companies from CSR risk countries – either on their own – or in collaboration with their business partners and customers.

By bringing business partners from various levels of the global supply chains together, we create a forum for mutual understanding and sustainable business development. Adding this form of training to the CSR risk countries secures that the right knowledge and capacity is in place, to develop and implement a strong CSR strategy.

We connect several different aspects of CSR management in our training, which entails an overall improvement of the individual businesses CSR performance, such as export training, lean management, quality upgrading, human resource management etc.

SMEdenmark has developed and spearheaded the Partnerships for Sustainable Business Development - SUSBIZ - concept since 2007. Read more at and